Continuous Flow Leak Detector (FCO754)

Key Features

  • Continuous reading leak detector
  • Instant response to leak correction
  • Ideal for large temperature sensitive items
  • Data-logging and bar code reader support

The FCO754 flow-leak tester has set the standard for testing gas appliances and gas appliance sub-assemblies to all relevant European Standards. Designed specifically to meet the requirements of the gas appliance industry, the FCO754 combines accuracy, reliability and ease of use. Ideally suited for use in the gas industry, the FCO754 is also highly suitable for testing many other product types such as filters, heat exchangers and large vessels. So, if you are looking for a versatile leak tester that allows product fault rectification while live-testing, you’ve found the market leader, the FCO754.

Continuous leak mode

The FCO754 can be switched to run in “continuous flow” mode. This allows for a product under test to be repaired while still being tested negating the need for a full re-test on the product. The operator can easily see if the rectification work is successful or not.

Automatic pressure & temperature compensation

The FCO754 features pressure and temperature compensation giving automatic correction to the leak reading regardless of the actual test pressure and temperature. The leak reading displayed is the equivalent leak that would occur at the pressure and temperature entered in the test data. This negates the need to constantly monitor the set test pressure.

Multiple test parameters

The FCO754 can store300 test parameter sets allowing different product types to be tested at differing test pressures. Tests can also be recalled in a sequence of up to 16 steps for complex component testing.

Clear pass & fail indication

The FCO754’s front panel indicates the status of the product tested, clearly displaying a pass or fail result at the end of the test. The “PASS” & “FAIL” indication can be enhanced by coupling a light stack to the instruments electronic status outputs. This feature makes it nice and easy for the operator to determine the product’s result.